FIAT “Cheer for Italian Football Team”B-Class Auto Tour,2014

Project Period |  From May to December, 2014(Shenzhen、chongqing、kunming、changchun、chengdu、xi‘an、nanjing、tianjin、wuhan、hangzhou、zhengzhou、nanning、changsha)

Project Effect |  During the period of the 2014 World Cup, Inno-vision initiated a tailor-made B-class auto tour for FIAT “Cheer for Italian Football Team”, where the charming auto-model lineup and the global leading technology were shown for customers to better understand the product strengths of FIAT and its confidence to root in China.
Through the combination of auto-model lineup and the cheerful world cup football performance, FIAT could not only strengthen customers’ product experience, but attract more potential customers to contribute to sales promotion.
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